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While not always successful in business, Del Boy soon became known as a general optimist and his cheeky character often persuaded people to believe in him.

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The Trotter Family

His many broken French quotes, usually used completely out of context, soon became household expressions.  Most of us also will remember the following!

He Who Dares – Wins!” 
“This Time Next Year We’ll Be Millionaires”
“Lovely Jubbly!”

Inevitably, Del Boy became an extremely popular character well known for his shady dealings yet somewhat shaky business acumen.

He was everybody’s favourite wheeler-dealer. Del Boy Trotter – undisputed king of the ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme and head of the family ‘firm’, Trotters Independent Traders.

In one episode (Mother’s Nature) Del is depressed about his financial situation and Rodney says:

The old Derek Trotter could smell a fiver in a force 9 gale. They used to say that if Del Boy fell into a Viper’s Pit, he’d come up wearing snake-skin shoes.

Being resourceful in your thinking

So what was the secret of his ‘success’ and what would Del Boy do if he was looking for finance for his business? Perhaps you could believe in the power of thought and self belief, as lottery winner Neil Trotter did?

Neil ran a car repair garage in South London and he was so confident about his forthcoming win that on the Friday lunchtime he told friends he would be “a multi-millionaire this time tomorrow.” His predictions came true as he scooped the £108 million jackpot that evening! He believed that it was because of his surname, and much like Del Boy’s strength, which lay in his ability to trust his gut and instinct, Neil Trotter simply believed he would win the lottery.

Unfortunately, not all of us have the surname Trotter, and many of us probably have believed we would win the lottery at some point and then felt so disappointed when we didn’t. Indeed, for Del Boy his strengths lay in his ability to be resourceful. Not only this, but his persistence and attitude to making money always came before everything else. These skills enabled him to get by at the worse of times, and always make the best of a bad situation.

Making informed choices about business finance

Any budding entrepreneur can take a leaf out of Del Boy’s business manual, and with the right finance source almost anything is possible. At the Ideal Home Show in 2013, George Clarke revamped the famous Eighties flat in Nelson Mandela House, Peckham. Hooky Street became Healthy Street, and all the remnants of Del Boy and Rodney’s council flat were transformed and the old styles went. Out went the dodgy carpet and wallpaper, and in came bleach-white colours, a library-unit divider, and a home office unit. In complete contrast to the pick and mix furniture of Peckham’s once most famous flat, everything became fold-away. A fold-away bed became a pop-up gym, and suddenly everything is ‘multi-functional’, much like Del Boy with his many business skills which helped him to survive.

You could describe it like a Swiss-Army knife in a cut-throat business world. Although some of the skills Del Boy possessed are important in business and entrepreneurship, it’s also equally as important to make informed choices about finance.

Getting the right business finance

There are many avenues to getting the right finance for your business, and you’ll always want to avoid ‘Hooky Street’. When you come to Atlantis Loans we will help you source the best value for your money, whatever your circumstances or credit profile.

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